Christina Aguilera came into herself on her album Stripped in 2002. Everything about the record — from its striking cover art to singles such as "Dirrty" and "Beautiful" — cemented her status as one of music's It Girls. It also laid the groundwork for coming-of-age releases from pop stars such as Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus.

Over the weekend, the "Candyman" diva paid tribute to the iconic album's legacy by posing topless on Instagram.

The image, which features Aguilera with her blonde hair artfully arranged over her chest, was also uploaded in support of her headlining set at LadyLand Festival. The festival takes place Sept. 11 in Brooklyn, New York and features appearances from the likes of Caroline Polachek and Aquaria.

Fans gleefully noted that the pose in one of the pics and (scarce) wardrobe paid tribute to the trailblazing LP's cover art and called it out in the comments section. Aguilera's makeup artist Etienne Ortega seemingly implied that the comparisons were purposeful when sharing a behind the scenes look at the shoot on Instagram.

The post may have been in support of an upcoming event, but it was certainly a timely move on Xtina's part.

Yesterday, Fighters across the globe took to Twitter to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the album's lead single, "Dirrty."

The brash banger introduced the hit-maker's new era and edgier image after debuting with "Genie In A Bottle" in 1999.

She reflected on the song's legacy in a 2019 interview with Irish Times. "That was me stepping up and saying I was a woman that’s proud of my sexuality. I was proud of my vulnerability. I was proud of the fact that I’ve fought my way through this industry.”

Believe it or not, the single received lukewarm reviews at the time and performed poorly on the Billboard Hot 100. Despite peaking only at No. 48 on the chart, it has taken on a cult status over the years and is arguably one of Aguilera's most recognizable songs. That doesn't even consider the fabulously raunchy music video, which she told Billboard is her favorite of all time, and introduced chaps as a must-have fashion accessory.

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