I love Chris Pratt. I really do. I've loved him since like, forever. Since he started on Parks and Recreation anyway. He got SUPER buff and played a Navy Seal in "Zero Dark Thirty", which is an amazing movie, btw. He married Anna Faris, which is cool and kinda okay with me, even though I'm extremely jealous of her. He is in the biggest movie of the moment, (biggest opening in August, EVER, hello) "Guardians of the Galaxy", which I cannot WAIT to see. And he seems really cool and down to earth and I just think he's super funny and who are we kidding, UNBELIEVABLY HOT! All reasons why I need to marry him. Some day. (Maybe?)

But then he was on a radio show and THIS HAPPENED. Watch and fall in love with Chris Pratt all over again. Warning: NSFW language.