Update: Chris Brown has deleted his original Instagram post.

Original Story:

Donald Trump has engendered a lot of support from a certain segment of the American population, but he's also become one of the most reviled figures for the things he's said during his presidential campaign. The assault of a black protestor at a recent rally has only proven how Trump's rhetoric can prompt his followers to a disastrous result, and many people are fed up with the situation, including Chris Brown.

The singer went on Instagram and voiced his frustrations, pleading for future protestors to go in large numbers.

"Man, this shit is getting crazy," Brown said. "Black people getting assaulted at rallies where you're supposed to talk at... Trump and all that bullshit. What you need to start doing, all these black people, go together. 40-50 deep, see what they do then. Keep touching us motherfucker."

Along with the video, Chris Brown posted a long rant about Donald Trump and the rhetoric he has used on the campaign trail.

"Fuck Trump and fuck the pigs!" Brown wrote. "To see this evil shit is so wrong! God will have his revenge! Trust me! Without our black culture, Asian culture, Latin culture, Muslims and any race that you don't approve of help you to be who the fuck you are. Without us, [you're] just another simple minded insecure pompous scared little man. Who the fuck [you] think cleans your hotels and works hard to feed a whole family? Us! You a bitch, always been a pussy. I ain't running for no political offices nor don't I want to be apart of the division of race. First thing y'all [do] is bring God in it. Don't play with powers [you] don't understand. Ok, ok, ok... All jokes aside, fuck Trump!"

Chris Brown's sentiment is certainly understandable as it reflects the way a lot of people are feeling right now.

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