We had snow already on Halloween and we can expect to see colder temperatures coming this winter, so here are some cheap tips to keep you and your place warmer. In addition, just a heads up most of these tips are some things that you can change in your house or apartment or something that you can pick up for cheap to keep your place warm.

First, get thicker curtains as covering windows at night can keep the heat in your house. One option is to get thermal curtains. If you can't get another curtain, you can use a shower curtain that's not being used to put over the window.

Next, let the sun in during the day. Open those curtains during the day and let the sunshine warm up your house! I didn't even think of this, but this allows for natural sunlight to heat up your house at no cost. Just make sure to close those curtains once the sun starts setting.

Move large furniture so it is not blocking the heat. This mostly goes for those of you who have a heater or furnace, not central heat. But obviously don't place a large couch or chair in front of heaters as the heat gets trapped in the furniture and doesn't heat the room. Plus it's also a fire hazard.

Also be sure to close doors to unused rooms. This should be an easy one. It will be good for your thermostat because it won't have to work as hard to heat up those rooms in addition to the rest of your house.  Another note, if the room you are closing off has plumbing, you will want to make sure to check on it as the plumbing might get frozen if you close it off to long.

Have blankets handy; place a blanket or two on couches or chairs so you can grab it and throw it over you to keep yourself warm. As a bonus, it will keep the couch warm too. Also, if you have pets, they will most likely lay on the blankets to keep themselves warm and the blanket will remain warm too. Plus, you can always cuddle with your pets as dogs and cats are naturally warmer and probably want to cuddle with you too.

Finally, insulate under doors and windows. You can do this with an old pool noodle or buy a door insulator for under $10. If you have a pool noodle, you can cut it to size of the door and tape it to the bottom. It keeps heat in and the cold out.

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