So summer isn't here yet but temperatures are starting to climb and if you don't have Air conditioning or don't wanna use it yet, here are some easy ways to stay cool. Most of these tips are also cheap, or cost no money at all, so you won't have to go out and get anything or spend a lot. One thing that you should know before we get to easy tips is that you should be aware of your thermostat. According to Consumers Energy, from WILX, the cost of electricity will go up from 2-7 p.m. weekdays from June to September, and it could cost you 100x more to run electricity during that time than any other time.

But here are some easy tips, first thing and the easiest thing to do to keep your house cooler is...Keep your blinds closed. About 20% of the heat from outside comes in through your windows and the easiest way to combat that is to close your blinds. If you want to make it even cooler you can, Invest in curtains or even blackout curtains. Curtains will keep the suns rays from entering your home making it hotter. In addition, if you have pets they are still able to navigate around them so they can still look out the window.

Next here are some easy tips you can do tonight before you sleep to make your night more comfortable. First, Swap your sheets, as new sheets always feel better and also can cool better. Also if you have a ceiling fan in your room Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise, not a lot of people do this but reversing it can actually make more cooler air. Also, be smarter about your doors, this means closing doors to rooms you aren't using as heat from other rooms travel and make the rest of the house hotter. If you want to really crazy you can Freeze your sheets, or Freeze a water bottle and wrap it in a cloth and put it under sheets. Both of these can give you immediate coolness to your bed. You will also want to open your windows at night and have a fan going as its cooler at night and you should be taking advantage of that. Finally, Grill More! Yes using your grill instead of your oven or stove can really your house temperature, save money on your energy bill, and give you more of a reason to grill more too. You can see more helpful tips here, from HuffPost.

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