The village of Chapin was settled way back in 1855. A post office was established in 1876 and operated for 57 years, closing down in 1933. By 1880, the township population hit 646, thanks to the "industrious agriculturists", as they referred to the farmers.

Soon the village of Chapin acquired a church, schoolhouse, the Wells-Stone Company, and no less then ten other shops and stores. Along with the post office, the majority of these businesses soon folded, and all that remains - aside from a handful of homes - are a church and old corner store. Others have been turned into residences.

A few years ago, Chapin was in the news regarding human bones that were found by a local hunter on S. Chapin Road.

On Sunday, Sept. 9, 2018, he discovered a boot with nearby human remains, which included a lower jaw bone. Read more about this news story on mlive by CLICKING HERE.

For now, check out the few photos below of current-day Chapin and pay a visit sometime. It's not that far away and you can get a couple of good photo ops!


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