It looks like there is talk about making changes to overnight parking rules in Lansing.  There is an ordinance in Lansing that prohibits street parking between 2 am and 5 pm. However, according to the Lasing State Journal, Lansing's City Council is going to be reviewing the ordinance.

The Lansing City Council is reviewing it because even though this is in place the ordinance is rarely or if ever enforced. If you live in Lansing or have at one time you probably have gotten away with leaving your car on the street overnight. The Lansing City Council is now looking over the ordinance again and make a few changes to it such as:

  • Lift the 2-5 a.m. ban on street parking
  • Allow residents to obtain permits for overnight parking
  • Maintain the existing ban, but have the city actually enforce it
  • Amend the ban in some fashion, such as by allowing overnight parking only on one side of the street

If you live in Lansing or come to Lansing often this may impact where you park so you can read more here.

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