One of the best things about going to school when you’re growing up is the sweet freedom of summer vacation. Picture it: No school night curfew, no homework, no pop quizzes and, most importantly of all, no 8 a.m. school bell ringing in your ear.

While a daily school routine is the norm for many of us, it isn’t always the case for some of society's more famous faces. Many of our favorite celebs gave up having a typical high school experience in order to pursue their dreams in Hollywood. Instead of final exams and homework, they had auditions and screen tests. Rather than a high school graduation, they had award show ceremonies like the Grammys and the Academy Awards.

Whether the dream was to act on the silver screen or start a bustling music career, these celebs proved you can still be successful regardless of what academic background you come from.

Take a look at 25 celebrities who didn’t graduate high school, below.

Celebrities Who Didn’t Graduate From High School

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