Ignorance is bliss... until you offend an entire community of people. And unfortunately, some of our favorite stars have been accused of a cultural misstep or two.

No one is perfect. However, some of these instances are just too blatant or cringe-worthy to overlook. Whether it's casting a Caucasian actor to take on the role of a character from East Asia or a white pop star rocking box braids on stage, many of today's stars have fallen into the cultural appropriation trap. Remember Miley Cyrus' comments about hip-hop during the Bangerz era? Or remember when Gigi Hadid was accused of wearing blackface on a Vogue Italia cover?

While there is still an ongoing debate on what's actually cultural appropriation and what's cultural appreciation, check out 25 times celebrities have been accused of being a culture vulture, below.

Celebrities Accused of Cultural Appropriation

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