It's a Michigan tradition to spend a weekend at Cedar Point for the thrill rides, but now America's Roller Coast is getting into the world of esports.

Cedar Point is already one of the best amusement parks in the county, but they've become much more than just roller coasters. They've completely redone their water park recently, but the most recent expansions are not amusement park related. They've developed a state of the art sports complex that covers both indoor and outdoor sports. Now the company is looking to expand again into the world of esports.

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The next big thing for Cedar Fair, the parent company of Cedar Point, is a state of the art esports arena.

The planned arena would hold roughly 200 gaming consoles along with food and drink options. Don't think that this is just a spot to go play some video games though, there's a much bigger plan in place. The new arena will be able to seat more than 1,500 spectators for esports competitions.

What Cedar Point has done in the last few years to develop a new crowd is actually a slice of genius. They already are one of the most popular amusement park destinations in the country. The crowds will continue to flow into the gates for the roller coasters that Cedar Point is known for, but Cedar Fair has found a way to increase their business around the park.

Cedar Point has found a gold mine in youth sports

Cedar Point realized that there is a lot of money to made in youth sports, so they invested in a state of the art outdoor and indoor sports complex.

I know dozens of teams from Genesee County that have made the trip down to Cedar Point this summer for a weekend tournament. The genius part of it is that with the tournament fee, the players get tickets to the park. So families are now going to head to the fields, then drop some $$ at the park afterward.

That's the basic model for the esports arena that the park is planning on building. Esports are the next wave in competitive youth sports, and Cedar Point is going to make sure they are at the front of the curve.

The massive arena does not have a solid opening date yet, but you can bet that Cedar Fair officials are working to get it done as soon as they can.


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