Who doesn't love Cedar Point? I mean it has been a while but I love the coasters as well as just enjoying a nice day on the Great Lakes. Well Cedar Point is open now and hiring now for people that are looking to have fun and make some money during their new Tricks and Treats Fall Fest. The new Tricks and Treats Fall Fest will be taking place on the weekend and will have activities, entertainment, games and rides and more all designed for safety and fun for the whole family.

Cedar Point will be hiring for pretty much all positions like: food & beverage, ride operations, event attractions, hotel operations, merchandise, games, park services, security, safety, and more. Just know that most or all of these positions are temporary and mostly on weekends as the Fall Fest is taking place on Saturdays and Sundays, Sept. 12 through Nov. 1.

Pay will be starting at $9 an hour plus it will have some increases along the way. They are also offering associate benefits which include: free housing (For 18+ and living 30+ miles from the park), free meals on Saturdays, gas cards up to $50 for associate carpool drivers, free access to the park during time off, free tickets for family and friends, and more. You will be able to find out more about the benefits to employees when you apply or contact them.

You can see all of the jobs here. Plus you can find out more by texting “FUN” to 97211. They will be doing all of the interviews virtually as well.

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