Cedar Point has announced today all over their social media that they are going to build a new water park opening in 2017. The new park, titled "Cedar Point Shores" will feature new slides, more food and beverage service, and technology upgrades.

Here are Some of the new slides: Point Plummet  It's a six-story-tall aqua-drop body slide that sends you on a vertical free fall. Starboard Surge & Portside Plunge - These are 5 story tub slides for singles, or groups.  Finally Lakeslide Landing n area for younger children, with 12 slides, pools, and more.

There will also be all-new cabanas, located on both sides of the 500,000 gallon wave pool, will have upgrades like free Wi-Fi, charging stations, TV, and food / beverage service.

They have more details plus giveaways for the new water park, on their twitter.