Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood performed their electronic-tinged duet "The Fighter" on the 2017 Grammy Awards on Sunday night (Feb. 12).

Appropriately, the setting for the futuristic performance, which appears on Urban's 2016 album, Ripcord, was a cube-like stage platform onto which wild computerized patterns and lights were projected. Urban started the song by playing guitar inside of this setup; Underwood, wearing a short silver dress and high heels that looked as though they were covered in disco ball shards, joined him in the cube once her parts kicked in.

Although "The Fighter" is a departure from the styles favored by both artists, the collaboration worked like a charm. Underwood wailed and gave an urgent performance that resembled those singers who appear on electronic dance tracks, while Urban was clearly having a ball with the pop-leaning arrangements. As the song crescendoed to its conclusion, the pair walked around each other in the tiny stage space, clearly enjoying the collaboration.

“I love her voice. She’s really, really talented, and she’s just really starting to discover what she can do as a singer, so I was really happy she wanted to sing on this song,” Urban told The Boot about working with Underwood on "The Fighter" last year. “It’s pretty simple, too … It’s not a traditional duet, where there’s a lot for the girl to sing, but it’s an important role in the song. It was written with that idea of a simple conversation, simplistic conversation, a very simple question-and-answer scenario in the chorus, which really appealed to me.”

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