CADL has 13 branches all over mid-Michigan and now they will be open with appointment for the public to use computers and technology. The main reason for CADL reopening is to help kids and teens who don't have computer services at their house. Along with computer access the public will also be able to do: contactless item pickup, print 10 pages per session, and have remote technology assistance.

This is great that the CADL will be reopening as not everyone has internet access and some that have internet at their home might not be the best. Since most schools in our area are remote learning having internet access is essential. Just know that if you schedule an appointment to use CADL computers you will not be able to browse, you will have to do school work. In addition, CADL is making sure that it is safe and clean so that is why timed appointments have to be made, so cleaning can be done after.

Appointments can be scheduled with 45 minute sessions and one per day. You will have to answer some health screenings questions and wear a mask when entering. Children under 13 will have to enter with a parent or guardian and teens over 13 won't have to, unless they want.  You can schedule an appointment here

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