We launched our new, all request countdown last week, and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite times of the day. For any of you that don't know how this works, it goes a little something like this. We countdown the top five biggest songs every day on the station, as they're requested by YOU! That's right. Just another way for your voice to be heard when it comes to picking the music that we play. Well obviously I can't do this alone, so I need to hear from you. All day long you can send me emails, tweets, snaps and phone calls with a request of your favorite song. Get all your friends to request it for all I care, then we'll see if we can get that in our Top 5.

It all started last week when I received a ton of phone calls requesting "Uptown Funk" In my opinion, the best song on the radio right now. Every since then, the song hasn't looked back! They've been number one on our countdown for an entire week. Want it to change? Don't want it to change? That's all up to you. In the comments below start requesting and helping me with today's top five and be sure to tune in at 5:25 to see who will be number 1!