It seems people have a hard time agreeing which haunting of Camp Lady of the Lake is the real one. So I'll list the ones I've heard of and let you decide for yourself.

In the early 1900's - in the area which became 'Camp Lady of the Lake" in Monroe County - there was a 15 or 16 year old girl named Florence who fell in love. She and her beau were very much in love; but then, after World War 1 broke out, he enlisted and was shipped out to fight.

He didn't survive.

This was too much for Florence to bear. Her mind couldn't cope with the situation and her depression got the best of her. her brain deteriorated, making her somewhat feeble-minded. She thought by killing herself she would be reunited with her lost lover. She ventured into the woods and committed suicide.

Some people to this day believe that Florence's ghost haunts the woods, roaming around, and standing by the lake shore looking for her love. Some say they have even seen her, and have dubbed her the "Lady of the Lake".

That's just ONE of the tales about this place.

According to witnesses on,

"I went up there for two solid years and captured evp's and photos and have seen things unexplainable by myself or friends. The "ghost" was a coherent soul that was evil and said he was going to kill us."

"As soon as we got in there we started hearing things like what sounded like we went deeper in.....that's when it started getting worse. We (saw) what looked like a little girl wearing a dress but she was glowing white. Then we heard the twigs snapping all around us and the laughter again. That night I went to Lady of the Lake a non believer of ghosts and left a believer." 

"Everytime we go up to that beach something unexplained happens, and me and my friend have many more stories about our experiences there as well as pictures with many orbs seen in the pictures."

Other stories say that the place is haunted by the ghosts of murdered children.

To get to this place, take I-75 north to Exit 5 (Erie Road) and head east. Take it all the way down until you get to the gate that blocks traffic from going further. There is a lot there where you can park. If you walk past the gate down to the water, you'll come across the old "Camp Lady of the Lake" iron sign.

If you decide to visit, look for any "no trespassing" signs as I'm not sure if there are any, but do so to protect yourself. Always be respectful of any reported haunted place you visit: don't litter, don't vandalize and don't be obnoxious. You could ruin it for others.

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