In what could be said as the greatest promotion in 7-11 history (yes even better than the free Slurpees on July 11th) 7-11 has announced that on this coming Saturday, April 11th you can bring your own cup to a 7-11 store and fill that bad boy out. For a full list and explanation of the promotion, click here. USA Today claims that there are over 7,500 locations across the country are participating in the giveaway. With that large number of stores participating, I'm sure there will be a mid Michigan, Lansing location in there some where. So it's sort of like getting Slurpee for free. How do they regulate what's a cup and what's not? I have no idea. I would just hate to be the guy working there that says you can't have that count as a cup.

There is no doubt that the best non alcoholic around town in some sort of Slurpee, or some cheap imitation Slurpee. Like every other gas station around. I'm going to bring in one of those giant coffee thermos type things and try to fill that up. The real question us, do you get every single Slurpee flavor in one go or do you go with just the one flavor? When I was younger I would always combine like 6 or 7 flavors together and see how many I could get in one small Slurpee cup. Will you be participating?