Yes you are able to do that this week with an auction that is not only giving you the rights to a large island but also a house and a boat. According to the Detroit Free Press, the Brown Island which is on Grand Lake in Presque Isle. As you can see from the pictures above the island is 5,600 acres and not only will you get the island you will also get a large 3,000-square-foot private lodge (which you can also see), two heated cabins, pole barn, barge, pontoon boat, and tons of coastline all to yourself.

If you are already loving it then you might be a little taken by the cost of it as it will probably cost you over $300,000. The island and everything else mention above went on the auction block earlier this week and it started the bidding at $250,000 but as of 3pm on Tuesday it is already at $305,000. So if you were looking for a private island all to yourself for a pretty good cost then this might be for you.

You can check out the bidding here, from There are also some great pictures of the island and the cabins and lodge there as well.

The bidding for Brown Island ends at 7pm on Thursday 11/1. So if you are interested and have some money saved you could actually get this!

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