With last weekend’s MSU vs. Michigan football game and Halloween it ended up in a very busy weekend for the East Lansing Fire Dept (ELFD) and Police Dept (ELPD).

According to the ELFD, from Friday Oct. 28th to Oct. 30th there were 159 calls for Emergency Medical Services, one fire, one service call, seven good intent calls, 14 false calls and two calls that fall into an “other” category. Of those 159 EMS runs, 88 were in response to intoxicated or incapacitated patients.

According to ELPD, there were a total of 41 arrests, 259 citations
issued, 177 reports taken and a whopping 1,531 citations issued by Parking & Code
Enforcement (PACE) from that same weekend.

These stats are all courtesy from the East Lansing Police Department  In addition, East Lansing City Manager George Lahanas said, “I would like to thank our officers and firefighter/paramedics as well as the assisting agencies for the work they did this past weekend to keep the East Lansing-MSU community safe."