The Burger King on Jolly road between Dunkel and Aurelius has been closed for quite some time now. Back in March of 2019, a sign taped to the soundbox in the drive-thru proclaimed that Burger King was closed for remodeling. Then, it just never opened back up. No more Whoppers...

The building remained vacant for the longest time. The parking lot only ever occasionally getting used by truck drivers to park their load for the night. More recently, the building was completely torn down and giant cement blocks were placed at the entrances and exits to prevent people from driving through.

Out with the Old, In with the New

It's at this old Burger King site that this sign can be found, proclaiming what we all have to look forward to...

Photo courtesy Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing
Photo courtesy Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing

Leo's Coney Island!

If there's one thing a Michigander loves, it's a good coney island.

Bring on the gyros, the french fries, and the side of ranch dressing.

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Don't Get It Confused

The sign does not tell us when we can expect the Leo's to be open; obviously, they'll be having to build a structure from scratch, so things could take a while. While that's happening, keep in mind; this Leo's Coney Island is going in right across the street from Leo's Lodge. Things might get a little confusing... Make sure you clarify to your friends which Leo's you'll be going to for lunch.

Room to Grow

While the sign doesn't clarify a timeline on when Leo's will open, it does indicate that there's room for more business. It says, "New Development for Lease", "Join Leo's Coney Island", and then gives the contact info of the person to get ahold of. Who knows what other businesses we may see go in there. Only time will tell.

For now, check out some businesses that are open!

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