The people of Bunker Hill Township may object to the term 'ghost town' but it does kinda qualify.

The township was incorporated in 1839 and includes the UNincorporated towns of Bunker Hill (sometimes referred to as 'Bunker Hill Center')  and Fitchburg.

The earliest settlers in the township came from Ireland in the 1840's. The township did indeed get it's name from the infamous battle at Bunker Hill.....sort of. Major Johnathan Shearer, who owned a section of area land, wanted to name the town after the man who built the first house on the land, Abram Bunker. But Bunker didn't want the recognition, so the "Hill" was added, and the story that has been handed down in history says the town was named after Shearer's father, who was a captain in the 1775 battle of Bunker Hill in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

The little Michigan village of Bunker Hill soon had a handful of establishments, including a blacksmith, church, general store, post-office and town hall.

Now all that stands - along with homes scattered throughout the countryside - are churches, a town hall and store. It's a nice place to drive thru someday...stop at the store while you're there.

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