Budweiser has taken a page out of Metallica's book for brewing.

Detroit is now responsible for Budweiser changing the way they brew their beer for the first time ever. In an announcement on Tuesday, Budweiser launched some limited edition tall boys. The Motor City Music tall boys come with two different labels depending on what music was used during the brewing process.

During the brewing process, Budweiser set up what they called a "mountain of speakers" around the brew tanks. The legendary music of Detroit was infused into 500 cans of Budweiser. The cans with the Rock labels mean that they were brewed to the sounds of Alice Cooper and the cans with the R&B labels were made with the sounds of The Temptations.

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The design of the cans also pays tribute to the city with the Detroit skyline featured on them along with the text "Detroit, Motor City Music." All 500 cans are numbered 1 through 500, but unfortunately, I have no idea where to get them. Still cool to see Budweiser doing something like that for the Motor City. Also, what the hell Budweiser...only 500 cans? Make more!

Seeing this also reminded me that I still have a bottle of Metallica's 'Blackened' whiskey that I still need to drink. Tony LaBrie got Maggie and me a bottle when that first came out and it is delicious. I've been saving it for a special occasion, which has been hard to come by over the last couple of years. One day though, one day.

Source: WXYZ

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