So if you aren't a bugs or spiders this might scare you but know these spiders are very rare and could only be dangerous to you if you are bitten.

It was just reported today in Genesee County that the brown Recluse Spider was spotted by a family in their garage. Since 2011 Michigan State has reported that 5 counties along with Genesee, they have been spotted in Lenawee, Hillsdale, Washtenaw, and right here in Ingham county

Brown recluse spiders are normally found in dark places like attics and basements, and are usually easy to spot in Southern states. The spiders however travel through the country in items like luggage and plants.

These Recluse Spiders are also known as Violin spiders and are only one of two species of spiders in North America that contain erotic venom.

If you are bit by one of these you may require immediately medical attention as pain from the bite can occur 2 to 8 hours after being bit and can cause hemolysis. If you think you have spotted one or have been bitten, contact Pest control or the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture.


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