Britney Spears can drive her own car again and is celebrating her new independence by going shopping and dancing.

On Thursday (July 22), the "Toxic" singer shared an update with fans on her Instagram account and wrote about her dreams. She shared a video of her dancing in her very own sneakers, which may not seem like a big deal to most, but to Brit, it's huge!

"So what do you guys do to keep your dreams alive???? Just curious cause at this point I'm not sure it's a good idea to listen to advice from some people," she began. "Yesterday I realized all my tennis shoes were gone ... I like them because I dance three hours most days and my feet hurt so I put tennis shoes on so my feet feel nice."

She ended up ordering shoes online but when they came in and she tried them on, they were too big. So Britney woke up on Wednesday and decided to pull a "Carrie Bradshaw" and order more shoes despite her assistant's humble attempt to remind her that she has a closet filled with options.

"I chose to BLOW and guess what ... my feet are soaring these days," she continued. "I'm not gonna stop buying tennis shoes and heels ever 👟👠 !!!! I'm not gonna settle and considering the other day I said I feel like I'm just getting here."

Britney was recently seen driving her own car to pick up Starbucks. Under her personal conservatorship that was previously led by her father, Jamie Spears, she was not allowed to operate a vehicle. Jamie still acts as a co-conservator for her finances despite Britney's pleas.

"It's been a while since I drove alone and well let's just say it's a DIFFERENT BALLGAME cause I’m not sure this stadium 🏟 is gonna be anywhere near America," she teased.

She revealed that one of her dreams was to visit St. Tropez with Cher and to get Jennifer Lopez's six pack abs.

"Again this is me with hope ... love ... and intention ... by the way I do intend on going to the ball after I clean my house 😂😉😉 !!!!!" she concluded.

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