New moms, listen up! The Capital Area Baby Cafe is here and it's awesome! If you need some pointers with breastfeeding or just some camaraderie with other new mothers, this is the place for you.

We all know that breast milk is best for baby, but sometimes nursing or pumping is hard to do without the proper help and support. Personally, with my oldest son, I was able to nurse him until he was two years old. We had no trouble at all and our breastfeeding relationship just flourished from the beginning. But with my new baby, we have run into some issues. He wasn't gaining enough weight just with my breast milk, so we had to add in formula to get him back on track. That can be a tough thing to hear; that your milk isn't cutting it for your baby and you have to alter the feeding plan you had planned on from the start. That's where the Capital Area Baby Cafe comes in. Getting support from fellow breastfeeding moms can really give you the encouragement you need to keep going and to say it's okay that your baby has to have formula in addition to breast milk. Breast milk IS best and any amount you can give your baby is something to be proud about.

The Capital Area Baby Cafe meets from 10am to 12pm on Wednesday mornings at Lansing Area Church of Christ, located at 2452 Cedar St in Holt.

Here's some really great information about it here.