Coronavirus has shut down a lot of things but bowling alleys have been hit the hardest, along with movie theaters, so they attempted to fight the closing with a lawsuit targeting Governor Whitmer. The lawsuit did get them some press but it also hurt them because since they suing the Governor as well as the Attorney General, they can't talk to or negotiate with bowling alleys. Alleys are hoping to talk with the governor because they believe that if they can talk to her they can make a great case to re-open.

Since salons and barbershops are open with restrictions it only gives bowling alleys even more of a stance to re-open, in my mind. One big thing for me would be the bowling balls as they are touched by numerous people every day. Unless you can clean them constantly there is always going thought in my mind about the germs they carry.  In addition, what is in that spray that they spray in the bowling shoes? Because if they can just spray that in the shoes and have dozens of people a week wear them without any sort of fungus then it must be powerful.

Since alleys can't talk to Michigan government officials yet and the re-opening of bowling alleys hasn't happened, except for a few in the U.P, they are in limbo. Bowling alleys do have an argument for re-opening since salons are open with COVID restrictions and bowling alleys are doing the same. Most bowling alleys have taken COVID restrictions by partitioned off alleys so groups can be separated while bowling and people will wear masks inside.

Some alleys are ready to open while some like Brooklyn Lanes Bowling Alley is going to close forever, you can see more about it here.

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