Hey all you cool cats and kittens, do you want the chance to turn a bummer of a situation into a way to make some homeless pets real cozy?

In the spirit of reusing and recycling, even after some millions of a certain product are recalled, they can still be put to good use by animals waiting for their fur-ever homes at shelters and humane societies.

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Boppy Lounger Pillow Recall

Recently CBS News reported the Boppy Company, as well as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), is issuing a recall on over 3.3 million Boppy Baby Loungers after the product was found to be linked to the suffocation deaths of eight infants.

The unfortunate deaths of these newborns occurred between December of 2015 and June of 2020, CBS reports, prompting the CPSC to issue a safety warning on these and similar products last year (2020).

CBS shares the recall "involves all Boppy Newborn Loungers." This includes all three models of which the product was sold including their "Original Newborn Lounger", "Preferred Newborn Lounger" and "Pottery Barn Kids Newborn Boppy Lounger".

"Parents and caregivers should stop using the loungers immediately and contact the company for a refund," CBS reports.

What To Do With Them Now?

Of course, it is unfortunate to feel like you have wasted your money on a product you had come to trust. However, even if you have had no issues, that $30 to $44 you may have spent on that pillow is nothing compared to your child's life (plus you can get a refund).

However, there is another way to feel like the loungers were not a total waste as they can help make things more comfortable for animals in need of homes at shelters!

For example, the Jackson County Animal Shelter (JCAS) recently shared they will be accepting the recalled products for their animals:

Double-Check With Your Local Shelter First

We always love a way to help out animals in need and the wonderful organizations who put in such hard work and dedication to them; however, sometimes your donation may be something they cannot use.

For example, we reached out to the Capital Area Humane Society on this topic and they do not accept pillows of any kind for pets, but for good reason.

"I'm sure our cats would love them, but the problem is that we have to be able to wash everything our cats/dogs use on a daily basis," our representative from CAHS who visits us for Fur Baby Fridays, Penny, said in an email. "We only have two washers and two dryers, and Bobby pillows are difficult to wash, and would take up a lot of space in our washers. I love the idea, but unfortunately, it's not practical for us."

In another correspondence with CAHS, they also said pillows of any kind pose a safety risk for the animals as they are difficult to disinfect and, if ripped up, could be a choking hazard for dogs.

This does not mean you cannot donate other items or even your now defunct boppy pillows to other shelters who may have different policies. Just make sure to check with them first!

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