Credit: Google
Credit: Google

We actually saw posts about this early Friday morning on FB from folks who live in the area. Employees speculate that the SUV could have been parked there for a few days. Officers in hazmat suits were working at the scene to help remove the body.


Police have reportedly discovered a body inside an SUV parked at the Meijer in Grand Ledge.

Officers made the discovery sometime before 10 p.m. Thursday at the Meijer located on East Saginaw Highway. News 10 talked with Meijer employees who said employees were out getting shopping carts and discovered something dripping out of the SUV. Those workers then went and told management at the Meijer who then immediately called police.

Both witnesses and employees at the Meijer tell News 10 that officers found a body inside an SUV. Pictures being shared on social media showed officers at the scene working in hazmat suits.

Emergency crews could also be seen spraying down the SUV and pavement with water before the vehicle was towed away.

Some employees said the SUV could have been in the parking lot for at least a few days.

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