Metamora is a small town east of Flint, just a little off of M-24.

Most of the area south of Metamora is swampy and covered with dirt roads...and that's where Blood Road is located. Blood Road is one of those dirt roads that goes through swamp areas and has a legend of it's own.

"Blood Road" is NOT a's the actual name of this 2-mile-long road, as seen in one of the pictures in the photo gallery below. The legend says that the "blood" name came from a news story about a man who murdered his wife and dumped her body near or in the swamps. Since then, swamp water has been known to turn red and look like blood.

A more popular version says that during the 1600's, cultists who practiced satanism fled the east where witch hunts & trials were plentiful and came to the area now known as Metamora, Michigan. Here, in the swamps, they were able to practice their rituals and sacrifices, leaving spilled blood that stains the dirt road to this day. (Others scoff and say the road is red because of the red clay mixed in with the dirt.)

One traveler down the road claimed in the past few years he witnessed people in long robes chanting around a fire near a section of Blood Road that had a deep crimson color to it. Other drivers down Blood Road say they've been chased at night by a vehicle that disappears and huge black shadowy figures.

Another urban legend says that if you drive down the road at night, tree branches will fall in the road behind you and the road will appear to turn red.

Wanna give it a try for yourself? it's not that far away (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

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