Bliss Township is located in Emmet County, about 13 miles southwest of Mackinaw City...and named after Governor Aaron T. Bliss.

The area was originally occupied by the Ottawa Native Americans; but then, around 1874, the homesteaders started coming in droves, moving in and settling on the land. By 1877, enough of these settlers had arrived that several townships had to be organized to handle them all: Readmond, Pleasantview, Maple River, Littlefield, Friendship.....and Bliss.

Within Bliss Township was the little village of Bliss, located at what is now the junction of N. Pleasantview Rd. and E. Sturgeon Bay Trail. Bliss didn't seem to grow much, and by the year 1910, Bliss had a population of only 75; by 1918, it had dwindled down to 31. Nowadays, you could probably count the families living there on both hands.

Currently, downtown Bliss has an old schoolhouse, church and a general store.....oh, yeah, and a cemetery. Looking at the satellite map of Bliss, it looks like the cemetery is bigger than the whole town! Go to the photos below and check this out for yourself!

Further west of Bliss is another old schoolhouse (PHOTO BELOW); the whole area is worth checking out on your next Michigan roadtrip!

Always be courteous and respectful when visiting these out-of-the-way Michigan places. Always seek permission to enter any abandoned structures you might find.

Use the highways for the backroads for pleasure!


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