Birds of Prey is a lot of fun. Despite its early VOD release, the movie has garnered praise for its off-the-wall performances and refreshingly female-centric spin on the superhero genre. Director Cathy Yan has already started thinking about what her Harley Quinn sequel would entail, and which characters she would add into the mix. Speaking to TheWrapYan shared that if she were given the opportunity to direct a sequel, she would hone in on the dynamic between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Said Yan, “I would love to see Poison Ivy and I would certainly love to see the relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.”

"Relationship" is a vague term. Depending on which comics you've read, the relationship between baddies Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy swings between romantic and platonic. In an interview with /Film, Margot Robbie herself weighed in on her hopes for her character to link up with Poison Ivy:

One [character] been pushing for as long as I’ve been pushing for this film is Poison Ivy. I mean, there’s two versions of that, you know, with some comics, it’s friendship, some comics, it’s romantic. Either way, I want to explore that because I just I love their relationship so much in the comics.

The first time we saw Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy join forces was in Batman: The Animated Series. Right off the bat, their chemistry was too strong to ignore. Their partnership was soon incorporated into the comics, starting off strictly as allies before veering into more romantic territory. If we do get a Birds of Prey sequel, we hope that Poison Ivy comes along for the ride. Two badass female super-villains are better than one.

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