Michigan passes a few laws today to try and stop people stealing mail or those "Package Pirates" that go on your porch. According to MLive, the laws were passed through the Michigan House and would need to pass through the Senate before the Governor would sign it in, all of which is supposed to happen.

The laws that were passed are Senate Bills 23 and 24 and would make mail theft a state crime. This means with a first offense you would get a misdemeanor but would get either a $500 fine, a year in jail or potentially both. If caught after that it would be a felony which means double the fine, 5 years in prison, or both. If you somehow are caught three times its even worse with 10 years in jail. So basically people in the government are saying to thieves that packages and mail that are on people's porches or mailbox need to stay with them.

You can see more about it here. And not sure when this law would begin but it seems to have support on both sides so it appears quickly.

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