There's not much written about this mysterious place, named "Bigelow" on few Michigan maps. This is a tough little community to find any information on but I did find a couple of nuggets.

The deserted village of Bigelow is located not far from another empty town, Big Rock (which you can read about HERE).

Bigelow is in Vienna Township within Montmorency County. This whole area was full of prosperous pine logging operations, but by 1900, most of the trees were gone and timber was depleted. Then came along the Kneeland-Bigelow Company, founded in 1902. The company bought up most of the land that contained hardwood timber, mostly the west & southwest areas of Big Rock. They located their company offices in the area 4 miles southwest of Big Rock, which they gave two names after themselves: "Bigelow" and "K-B". To this day, it's listed as "Bigelow".

But that's basically all we know about it - it was a lumber town and was named after a lumber company.

All that's there now are a couple of abandoned buildings, no businesses, and a few homes scattered thoughout the area.

Sketchy info, yes. But until someone can offer up more, that's all I have. Check out the photos below. Maybe they'll give you the impetus to visit and find out a little more about Bigelow's background, and if it had any kind of 'heyday' at all.

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