You can't postpone any, not just because we want to see Big Ten football, but because of another huge reason. The Big Ten football season is kicking off October 24th and will be playing an 8 game schedule for the next 8 week after that date. The Big Ten Championship game will be right before Christmas and just in time for the Big Ten to name a champion and get a team in the College Football playoff. Because of how close the Big Ten is getting to the end of the season they can't postpone any games, because there is no time to reschedule them!

I bring this up because of the Tennessee Titans - Pittsburgh Steelers game which was scheduled this Sunday was postponed due to positive COVID tests. There were rumors that they would play this week but on Monday or maybe Tuesday, but now the game is postponed and will be schedule for another week.

The scenario above is something that might happen a few times in the NFL this season but it is something that cannot happen in the Big Ten this year. First off, the Big Ten are playing 8 games in 8 weeks, there is no bye week and that means no time to reschedule a postponed/cancelled game.

Next, the final week is December 19th with the conference title game and cross division match ups based on place in the division, so this would be the only week to reschedule games. This might be another headache especially if the cancelled or postponed game is between a team that is in the conference title game. There are slim odds that you could have a tie for first place in a division between two teams that haven't played each other because their game was postponed.

The weather is also another thing to look at since games are being played at campus sites and no Big Ten team plays in a sunny or warm place in the fall so let's hope for a nice November and December so these games can get in.

The Big Ten does have daily testing as well as monitoring player's health and heart so this season should be played, but this is something that is in the back of my mind. You can see the full schedule for the Big Ten here. 

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