Calm down Bugs and Daffy. You're off the hook for this one.

I have long been amazed by people's fascination with Bigfoot. I'm more entertained by the people looking for it than the actual creature itself.

It's crazy, fanatical, and almost up there with the love of all things Elvis, Princes Di, and aliens.

You simply cannot convince a sincere Bigfoot enthusiast that they don't exist.

I remember reading that even though the best proof that most people have are grainy 8mm films of the creature and some plaster moldings of foot prints, this phenomenon is huge all over the country.

Seriously, we have cameras on our phones that you can make movies with. And satellites in outer space that can practically zoom in on your scalp. How have we not gotten a better look or photo of one of these things?

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This Bigfoot thing is also BIG BUSINESS. For one company to the tune of $10 Billion Dollars. And that's Billion with a "B".

So maybe that's why an Oklahoma State Lawmaker has proposed a "Big Foot Hunting Season Bill".

The bill would require hunting licenses and comes with a $25,000 reward for capture. The legislation is meant to increase tourism near the Ouachita Mountains. According to the Bigfoot Research Organization, there have been 106 Bigfoot sightings in Oklahoma. (NPR)

At first I was just thinking this was a cheap tourism ploy but 106 sightings? Maybe it's population control.

Think someone will capture one for $25K?

I wonder how much a Bigfoot hunting license is going to cost?

And a t-shirt?

Load up the truck Paw, we's going Bigfoot huntin'!

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