Last week, singer Beyonce made headlines when fans called her out for posting a supposed photoshopped picture of herself to her Tumblr account. I'm not the definitive judge on photoshopping by any means, but to me the picture looks kind of suspicious. If indeed it is doctored, I only have one question for the Queen Bey.

WHY?!?! Why, Beyonce? You have a body most women would kill to have. Stomach, butt, boobs, and THIGHS to die for. A lot of girls and women look up to you for being proud of your body and loving you for the way you are. Photoshopping a "thigh gap", ick, is not saying you are proud of the skin you are in. It says the opposite, in fact, and could possibly lead the girls who look up to you as a role model to start feeling like they must alter pictures of themselves to achieve some sort of unrealistic expectation of what's beautiful. I'm not okay with that and actually a little disappointed.

WE LOVE YOUR LEGS, BEYONCE! Just the way they are.

What do you think? Do you think she's guilty of altering her pictures or do you think people are just hatin'??