It happened earlier this week, in fact about seven times this week. Yes, multiple calls to alert me that there had been a security breach in the iCloud that could affect me and that I needed to call the callers back on their toll free number to straighten the situation out.

Well there's two things going on, or not going on here. First...I don't have anything on the iCloud, Second, the phone number they gave me for the return call to remedy my problem wasn't a toll free number.

So, if you're like me you're smelling a PHONE SCAM here.

Every time I get a suspect call that I'm never going to return in the first place, I search the internet and see what info comes up to get an idea of what the scam might be.

This time the info turned up on the Business Insider website. Business Insider states that indeed this is a phone scam where the bad guys are trying to trick and take advantage of you.

Get more info here from the Business Insider website.

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