So I'm at Meijer this morning and as I'm driving in the parking lot, I see a lady walking out of the can and bottle return with three huge bags of cans and bottles. Mind you, I say she was walking out of the can and bottle return, not walking in.

I kind of chuckled to myself and thought, "That's supposed to happen the other way around, isn't it?" And then I thought, "Well maybe she was just at her limit of can and bottle returns for this visit and has to bring them some other time..."

But as I learned later, it may not have been either situation.

In an email sent to their customers, Meijer stated that yes, their can and bottle return facilities had reopened, but as we all expected, maybe by just looking around our own houses, people have apparently been bringing in a huge amount of can and bottle returns.

So many that even though Meijer's can and bottle returns open every day, the amount of can and bottle returns they are currently processing could actually close the centers for the day due to the extremely high volume of returns.

But there is a light at the end of this glass and aluminum tunnel...Good one, huh? I'm working hard for you here in the humor department today.

Meijer has requested that before venturing out to one on their locations with a plethora of cans and bottles, that you simply go here, to the Meijer website to check the can and bottle return status of your Meijer store.

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