Wednesday Supermoon is almost here and we may be able to get a good look with out having glasses or anything. All we need to see the Supermoon is hope for clear skies on Wednesday morning and to look west.

This Supermoon is a Supermoon cause it means the moon will look fuller and brighter due to it being at its closest point to the Earth. Next, the Supermoon is actually the second full moon of the year, the first full moon was on New Year's, so this moon is called a Blue Moon. In addition, this Supermoon may also be called a blood moon as it will have a rusty brown color that can be seen during the Lunar Eclipse.

The partial eclipse should begin around 6:48am on Wednesday with the total eclipse happening in the 45 mins to an hour or so after that. To get a full time line of events you can see it here. 

Let's just hope for clear skies to being our morning on Wednesday or we won't be able to see anything.


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