If you have been asking for food trucks/vendors in East Lansing you won't have to wait anymore as the pilot program is back testing the market this week.

The history of food trucks in East Lansing goes back to 1992 when they allowed concessionaire carts and food trucks were added in 2012. The first pilot program was back in 2015 and going to be tested this year as well as 2018 & 2019.

East Lansing currently has no full-time concessionaires but if one of the vendors in the pilot program finds this market good they can purchase a license for one year.  The police for this program has 3 food trucks behind parking garage on Albert & Division, als on the corners of Albert Avenue and Abbot Road, and M.A.C. Avenue and Charles Street.

To see more about the pilot program and to see a map of the food vendors, check it out here. 

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