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Should You Tell Your Partner Before You Make A Significant Change To Your Appearance?

Or is that too much like asking permission?

Justin Bieber recently cut his hair. Well, he shaved it all off. And sources say that he did it without his new wife's knowledge. Hailey Baldwin walked into the kitchen and thought there was a stranger there before realizing it was her new husband with a new haircut. She was stunned and taken aback but they hugged it out and now all is well. You can peep a pic HERE and the story HERE.

So our question this morning, when it comes to you and your relationship, do you tell your partner before you make a significant change to your appearance? Or is that like asking permission. You are after all your own person. But, you are also in a partnership. I know of a few extreme arguments and hurt feelings this very thing has cause in dating and marriages.

But we asked, you called, and answered. Enjoy,,,

This caller says she usually just tells him. And then his response back is even funnier.

She was pregnant and emotional. And he shaved his whole face without a heads up. That would have been appreciated.

He says IT IS asking permission. And the hilarious story of how he can't cut his hair too short because he'll look like his brother. And his wife is not a fan. Of that haircut NOR his brother!


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