Summer is here and that means we are all headed to the many beaches that surround Michigan. But there are some dangers to know about before you head to a Lake Michigan beach.

The 2016 summer at Lake Michigan was one of the deadliest as it had more drownings than the previous 4 years. Last year Lake Michigan alone experienced nearly 50 deaths, with many of the incidents involving rip currents or with people swimming in prohibited areas.

According to Lake Michigan has had the most drownings between 2002 -2016, with 366! The number of drownings at Lake Michigan is more than the other Great Lakes over than time COMBINED!

Here are some tips when you head to the beach:

  • If you find yourself stuck in a rip current, first is don't fight it as it will tire you out quick. Next swim parallel with the shore line and you will eventually get out of it and it won't tire you out.
  • Next look for Beach Flag Safety Warnings. They come in 3 colors, Red means don't swim, Yellow for cautious, and Green means it ok.

To read more about the Great Lakes beaches and how to stay safe this summer, has more. 

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