There is a new construction project to aware of especially if you normally head west on Jolly Road in Lansing. Road construction seems like it has accelerated over the last few weeks, this is mostly due to coronavirus, and there are a few you need note of.

First off, Jolly road is going to be under some much need road construction. If you head west on Jolly in Lansing you will need to find a new way to go as Jolly will be closed between Cedar and MLK. You will be able to access businesses on Jolly during this point but you won't be able to drive on it until at least mid-October. Jolly has gone under several resurfacing and pavings over this summer, but this is one that will get in the way the most.

Next, if you haven't been on 496 in a while just know that one side of the construction is done but the other side isn't. The eastbound side of 496 was under resurfacing for most of the summer but now westbound is under big construction. I have driven by it several times over the last few weeks and they still have a long ways to go as most of the westbound 496 side is still dirt and gravel hasn't even been put down yet.

Other construction to aware of is on Waverly Rd. Waverly was a mess for most of the summer due to the 496 construction. Waverly is now a lot better to drive on due to some it being resurfaced and you are able to get on 496 eastbound from there now. Most of the construction work that has to do with 496 will probably be going on until mid-November.

You can see more on the construction projects here from MDOT.

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