This Battle Creek woman is inspiring people with her high energy, and public dancing.

Anietra goes by @savage_luvv87 on TikTok where she has 84.5 thousand followers and 1.5 million total video likes. Anietra is a mother of 5 who works as a cashier at one job and assistant manager at another job. When she's not busting her butt at work she's bustin' a move on TikTok and spreading positive vibes. This is how Anietra describes her TikTok content,

I would describe my content as fun energetic and inspiring ppl tell me all the time that I inspire them to come out of their shell and be themselves.

Videos of her dancing in public places have really taken off on the popular social media app. @savage_luvv87's most-watched video is proof of that. Here she is dancing at work in front of her boss and one of her co-workers. This video has been viewed 376.9 thousand times with 33.5 thousand likes.

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Someone commented on one of her previous dance videos and asked her to "go in public and do it." So, she did it... at a gas station. This video has been viewed 206.7 thousand times.

In @savage_luvv87's third most viewed video, she stirs the pot a little with her bestie to the tune of 175.4 thousand views.

People are always asking her for dance tutorials in the comments of her videos.  One of Anietra more popular videos is a dance tutorial pulling in 153 thousand views so far.

Anietra's 3 Favorite TikTokers

  • deedeebarnes92 "Because that’s my TikTok sister my PRESSHA twin and my best friend ❤️"
  • growwithivy "Because she is so positive. She doesn’t let the negativity get to her and she encourages others to be the best they can be."
  • loudmouthjuanita  "Because she is just too dope with all of her content. She is someone that actually inspires me to work on my slow mo "

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