Cleanliness is Godliness. Is that the saying? This morning I stumbled across an article about a guy who has not showered in 60 years! They dubbed him, "World's Dirtiest Man." Supposedly, he believed soap and water would make him sick. I would imagine his body odor might have made everyone else around him sick.

It got me thinking. How far could you go without a bath or shower? I took it a step further and wondered if people prefer a bath or shower. must have wondered the same thing because they actually have a map of which states prefer a bath or shower. I am surprised, but 44 out of 50 states would rather have a bath. Michigan is among them. I like a nice hot shower once or twice a day. It could be a time thing. You have work or class all day and can't wait for the bath to fill. You just turn the shower on, get in, and get it done.

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I can't imagine going more than a day without a shower. I would feel gross. Although, grunge used to be a trend in the 90s. Be clean, but look like you were not. Justin Bieber has a lot of money, but there are times when he looks like he and soap are not friends.

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In any case, I wanna know where you stand? The state of Michigan might favor baths, but what do you prefer. Bath or shower? Please join us again next time when we attempt to conquer another very tough topic. Wash cloth or loofah?

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