Barton City is located in Alcona County, split within two townships: Hawes and Millen.

The town began in the late 1800's as a lumber town, thanks to the Loud Lumbering Co. and the Potts Lumbering Company setting up shop in the area.

It was first known as “Mud Lake”, thanks to sitting along the muddy shores of what is now known as Jewell Lake. A post office with the 'Mud Lake' moniker was established in 1887.

In 1912, townsman Frank Barton played host to a couple of surveyors who platted a town around the lake, in hopes of bringing in more residents and tourists. Graciously, they changed the unappealing (their opinion) name of the 'Mud Lake' post office to 'Barton City', showing their gratefulness to Mr. Barton's hospitality.

Residences and summer homes soon sprang up and today, the town is a charming summer getaway and a relatively peaceful place for the townsfolk.

Barton City has a two-day 4th of July festival every year with activities, flea markets, contests, food, refreshments, and their annual Labor Day Baseball Tournament.

There are a few old buildings to see - including an old one-room schoolhouse - but mostly newer homes and summer rentals. Stop in during your Michigan roadtrip and buy some grub at the BC Bar & Grill or some road munchies at the general store!



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