How does this even happen?

Who thought of it and can you imagine getting the nerve up to do it and IT WORKED?

There are so many questions but let's just start with the facts.

Friday afternoon (January 22nd) around 4 pm or so a man pulled up to one of those pneumatic tubes in the drive thru at Fifth Third Bank in Bay City.

He proceeded to take out the tube, put a note inside, and send it to the teller.

So in my mind he's like in lane 2 or 3 or whatever. He's not directly in front of the teller window in the drive through. He sent a tube over to the teller in the bank. You following me so far?

What he sent the teller was a note demanding money and for it to be sent back through the tube to him.

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At this point in the story, I'm like yeah right. Even if someone was so brazen and bold to do this, there is no way this is going to work. You're out there. She's inside. There's a number of factors in play here but I'm pretty sure the last thing that's going to happen is that this bank robbery scenario is going to work.


The teller surrendered an undisclosed amount of cash to the robber, the sheriff said. The robber then drove away from the scene. Deputies are working to obtain surveillance camera footage of the suspect’s vehicle, the sheriff said. (MLive)


He didn't flash a gun, he didn't send an explosive device through the tube. Just a note. And she surrendered the cash?

And they are working to obtain surveillance footage? Don't they have cameras that look right into the car?

Or maybe he was wearing a face mask. But still. Lots of cameras at a bank. Especially at the drive through right?

And is it just protocol that when folks demand cash via a note in a robbery scenario, you just hand over the money and don't be a hero?

Maybe her training told her it was best to surrender some money so as not to cause the robber to come in the bank or hurt someone in the drive thru?

I'm baffled.

But when you’re at a bank’s drive-thru window — which I assume is protected by bulletproof glass — that threat seems a bit more removed.

When you add the fact that police say (robber) passed (the) robbery note to the teller via the drive-thru’s pneumatic tube delivery system? Well, the motivation to comply with a robber’s demands seems almost non-existent. (Standard)

Apparently this happens more often than we think. 

Criminasl are getting lazier. Just not smarter.

BTW, don't get any ideas. This is not smart. It's still a bank robbery. And you will get caught.

Read the full story here from our friends at MLive.

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