Today on the afternoon show, we are honoring the return of Spartan Nation with a back to school version of Mega Movie Monday. Sparty has had about a month plus off from school and we missed ya'll. First day of class is usually pretty easy. Besides the whole, I owe how much on my student loans?! and, ya know, that one professor that ends up giving you homework on the first day. I hope that you don't have THAT GUY.

Well if we can make that first day back just a little better, we will! Three chances tow in this afternoon. What's the prize? How about you and your roommates go see a movie at Celebration! Cinema, it's on us so no worries. You'll listen to our clue and then call me at 517-363-2975 to guess what movie it's from. You guess correctly, and you're taking home a free 4 pack of tickets to go catch a new flick. Not a first day back at all if you ask me. See ya on the radio!