Every year the Social Security Administration (SSA) reveals the list of top ten baby names and since 1960 the #1 boy name has either been Michael or Jacob.  But not this year!

Are you ready for this??

The new #1 boy baby name in America is... NOAH!

For the third year in a row SOPHIA is the #1 girl baby name, but if you're like my wife and I and decided to switch up the spelling, replacing the PH with an F -- good news, SOFIA is climbing the list dramatically, winding up just outside the top 10 this year, at #13!

Madison, a former top fiver and my older daughter's name, remains inside the top 10.  My son's name is Brennan and he's never been close to the top 10, sitting just inside the top 250 at its best -- that was in 2009.

The SSA has a really cool search tool so you can check out the popularity of names and the years they were most popular.

Anyhoo, here's this year's TOP 10 BOY AND GIRL NAMES:

#     BOY                    GIRL
1.    Noah                   Sophia
2.    Liam                    Emma
3.    Jacob                  Olivia
4.   Mason                  Isabella
5.   William                 Ava
6.   Ethan                    Mia
7.   Michael                 Emily
8.   Alexander             Abigail
9.   Jayden                 Madison
10. Daniel                  Elizabeth

P.S. Drew Taylor, I took the liberty of looking up the name Henry -- great news, it's the most popular it has been in the past 13 years!