Spring time in Michigan doesn't really get any better, does it? With May right around the corner, nothing really beats Michigan in the spring time. Our friends over at the Lansing State Journal put together a list of some AWESOME things for you to do around the area this coming May. Well, ya know, besides every Sean V, 975 appearance and well of course you can't forget about Cinco De Mayo. That's totally one thing that you must do while you're looking to be entertained this May.

Here are a few of the highlights. I would absolutely check out the Comic Con Festival coming to Novi in May. Being as big of a superhero nerd and dork as I am, I think that would be an awesome experience to see some cool stuff. Also, I'm not sure if it's any relation to the Detroit Comic Con, but that one was also insane. I'm also excited for the weather to start getting consistently nice so that I can experience all the great trials around Lansing. I live pretty close to one, and can't wait to take the bike out. So I'll see you on the trails, or with your nose in a comic but I should totally see you at Aldaco's Taco Bar on Cinco De Mayo!